15 Summer Fashion Trends 2020

15 Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

15 Summer 2020 Fashion Trends.

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Hello! Welcome back to another post. Summer is approaching us soon and I thought it is a great idea to discuss 15 fashion trends this Summer season. I see different trends following the runways of fashion designers, bloggers, and more. I hope that even though we are still at home or almost being able to go back out that this post will give some insight as to popular trends in the fashion industry!

So, let us get into it!

The Color White

White is a consistent trend each season with the statement dresses, tops, shoes, and more. Meanwhile, the color is versatile with being able to be paired with many different clothing items or accessories. Since it is known that we are in the sun more often during this season, the white color brings a sense of coolness as a color. Also, possibly having a tan complements the skin.

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Tie Dye

A huge trend that started about a couple months ago on the Tik Tok platform, but moved its way into the high street of fashion is tie-dye. Whether that is in lounge wear, tops, undergarments, etc. Iv’e been seeing many people creating their at home sets and turning out so cool!

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Pastels are a color palette of blue, mint green, lavender, coral, pink, green, yellow, etc I see all over social media. These are soft colors that can be paired with different outfits. For example, the beige top from Nordstrom, I would pair that with white jeans, gold jewelry, turtle cat-eye sunglasses, and some white vintage-inspired sneakers.

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Bodysuits are great because it has a flattering neckline. Necklines are another big trend this season, but because bodysuits have different necklines such as sweetheart, straight across, v-neck, cowl neck, etc. Also, they are so comfortable and hug all the right places. I like to wear bodysuits with either a skirt or pants. As for pants, another outfit idea is wide-leg trousers, adding a fitting bodysuit to the top, pairing it with some jewelry, sneakers or small heels, and sunglasses.

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Biker Shorts

These biker shorts can be worn with graphic tee’s, plain t-shirts, buckle bag, chunky jewelry, and some sunglasses. The biker shorts hug and sculpt the body as to why it is so flattering. Also, it can be worn with a blazer on top of a graphic tee and some white chunky sneakers.

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Mid Length Shorts

Bermuda or Mid Length Shorts are coming back this season. These shorts can be easily styled with a belt, blazer, a graphic t-shirt, crop top, and sneakers with knee-high socks. You can even wear these to the pool or beach. For example, it can be styled with a white button-up top.

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Midi Dresses & Skirts

Midi dresses and skirts were the big summer trends of last year and coming back in this season. Midi dresses especially with stripe, polka dot, and floral patterns. An example of styling Midi dresses is with sneakers or combat boots. As for Midi skirts they have the same trendy patterns like midi dresses and having a slit up the side is also a trend this season.

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Mini Dresses

Lots of retail stores have been carrying mini dresses for the upcoming Summer season. I see different fabrics such as silk or denim and different patterns, for example, floral. Mini dresses are great and have many different ways you can style them. It is easy to throw on and keeps you cool throughout the hot summer days.

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Knit Matching Sets

These sets are a big trend of the Summer season. I have been seeing bloggers such as Lauren Elizabeth and Jessica Howell rocking the knit two-piece sets. Two-piece sets are a game changer because the outfit is already kind of put together.

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One Shoulder & Open Back Tops

As I discussed in my 30 Spring Trends post the one shoulder top is also making its way into the Summer. These one-shoulder tops are flattering but can be styled with many different outfits. Different fabrics and styles have been seeing are ribbed, long sleeve, cotton, and more. On the other hand, some open back tops are a bit more open than others. It just depends on your preference. However, it can be styled with classic jeans either blue or black, and skirts.

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Neutral Tone Cardigans

Neutral tone cardigans are great to wear with a crop top, strapped dress, and pretty much with anything. These are seen on the high streets of fashion bringing back the 90s’. Cardigans can be styled with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. Cardigans can be worn when it tends to get a little bit chilly whether that is throughout the day or night. It can also bring more to a casual outfit. Neutral tones are a good color palette because it can be paired with many different outfits.

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Mini Bags

As the first designer laying my eyes of the mini bags trend was Bottega Veneta and the beautiful leather pouch with either the long strap or the gold chunky chain. These are great for fitting your most essential products or not wanting to take a huge bag. It can be also worn for a night out where maybe you don’t want to take that much with you. Also, it is also adorable and small!

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Baseball or Bucket Hats

Baseball hats are a cute accessory to be worn with athletic wear or with a casual look. Bucket hats are another big trend this season. With Dior bringing it on the runway their monogrammed signature and Chanel introducing is again last year. It comes in many different fabrics and can be styled in multiple ways!

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Scarf Headband or Bandana

Scarf Headband or Silk Bandanas are a cute accessory and trends this Summer season. I have been seeing different bloggers and on social media wearing these. These accessories can be added to different outfits. For example, for the silk bandana, it can be styled with a fitted cami top and mom or boyfriend jeans.

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Low Heeled Shoes

Mules, Pumps, Kitten Heels, and more are in this Summer season. The quilted fabric pumps and plain color pumps are seen in high street fashion. Strapped Kitten heels are a lower type of heel which are said to be more comfortable than your classic long heel.

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What are some of your favorite Summer fashion trends this year?

Until then, XO

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