Chanel 90s' Recreating Runway Looks

Chanel ’90s Runway Looks: Recreation

Chanel ’90s Runway Looks: Recreation

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Chanel is one of my ultimate favorite designers. The 90s era of Chanel runway looks was one of my favorites. She is known for the elegant tweed suits, little black dresses, and of course Chanel N 5 perfume. In today’s fashion industry, the ’90s trends are coming back. For example, the gold chain, bucket hats, butterfly clips, pearl earrings, etc. Karl Lagerfield, CEO of Chanel at the time inspired looks by still tying in the classic Coco Chanel looks. For example, the classic jacket.

This post is a recreation of two outfits from different Chanel Spring Collections in the 1990s.

Chanel 90s' Runway Looks: Recreation

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Look #1: Spring 1992

This look is inspired by the Spring runway Chanel show in 1992. The model is wearing a front zip dress with two embroidered Chanel pockets. Under the dress, there is a white button-up, black tie, and a classic Chanel brooch. The photo unfortunately didn’t show what she was wearing on the bottom half but took inspiration from the other classic looks such as the two tones black closed shoes and sheer tights. The model has a rectangular buckle belt around the dress with an attachment of a gold chain. Also, on the models head, there is an adorable black bow tied in with some pearl earrings.

I recreated this look by first, finding a zip front dress with pockets. I found three separate dresses at three price points. Second, the white button-up tops the gold chains, black tie, and gold rectangular belt. I thought of the shoes like the classic two tones color. So, I found black two-toned shoes and classic pointed closed toe. Also, another accessory was I found a black bow headband similar to what the model is wearing in the photo.

Recreating Chanel 90s' Runway Looks

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Look #2: Chanel Spring 1994

This look is inspired by the Chanel Spring Runway show in 1994. I recreated this look by finding the classic tweed suit set in cream. Second, underneath the tweed classic set was a white v-neck t-shirt. Third, the gold chain belt and the white bucket hat as the accessories. I found a green flower brooch from Amazon similar to what the model is wearing in the photo. Unfortunately, this photo didn’t show what the model was wearing the bottom half. So, I thought the classic two-tone or pointed closed toe heel would be great. For earrings, the model had on no earrings that I could see, but from previous 90s’ looks, I saw models wearing cute dangle gold chain pearl earrings.

Chanel 90s' Recreating Runway Looks

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What is your favorite Chanel 90s’ look? Leave them in the comments below!

Chanel 90s' Runway Looks Recreation

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