Cute Amazon Room Decor Ideas

Cute Room Decor Amazon Ideas.

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Hello, Welcome back to another post! Amazon has some of the cutest and adorable room decor products and accessories. I always enjoy changing up my room and adding a new few pieces. Some of these ideas listed are organization ideas, wall decor, aesthetic vintage wall decor, room decor lights, wall decor ideas to set up pictures, and more.

Let’s get into it!

Amazon Room Decor Ideas
Cute Amazon Room Decor Ideas

Amazon Room Decor Ideas:

Vintage Mirror

This mirror is a similar design to the Anthropologie mirror that retails for $848. This is a similar design, but it is smaller and can be hung up on the wall of your room from Amazon. You can put your perfume, skincare items, foundations, jewelry, and use it as a tray too. It retails for $19.99.

Prism Geometric Wire Wall Hanging Decor

I’ve seen this in different bloggers’ homes or Pinterest for their bedroom wall decor. It makes a cute statement and you can add plants in these. It retails for $21.53.

Ruffle Pillow Covers

I enjoy anything ruffle and when these founded on Amazon I got excited. They are so cute to put on the end of your bed with other pillows or can sleep with. You get two in one for $18.

Jewelry Organizer

Being organized is one of my favorite things. Jewelry is sometimes hard to untangle or keep organized. This classic white jewelry organizer is great to hang on your wall to stack or hang necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, and more. On the top of the jewelry hanger, there is a shelf to put whatever you need that space for. It retails for $25.90. It also comes in black!

Amazon Room Decor Ideas For Room
15 Amazon Room Decor Ideas

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because they make an adorable accessory to the room. It is customizable to whatever you want to add on top. You can add plants, books, trophies, art, and more. You can customize it to your liking and it comes with three solid wood white shelves. It retails for $22.

Rustic Wooden Wall Decor With LED Lights

This rustic vintage-style LED light flower wall decor is an adorable room idea. I love the pink flowers and can tie in really well if you have white or pink bed sheets. These retail for $24 for both.

Marble Makeup Organizer

Marble is a beautiful and aesthetic print to have. A makeup organizer is a necessity I need in my everyday routine. This makeup organizer can carry eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascara, contour products, etc. It’s awesome if you want to organize your makeup and easily access products! A suggestion would be to get a typewriter that prints out labels to label each one. With this makeup organizer, you can see what you have in each box too since it is clear. This makeup organizer retails for $36.

Prism Geometric Vase Wall Hanging Decor

This geometric wall hanging decor is another suggestion from the previous one as this one is white. You can put little succulents, plants, cactuses, and more. It is cute to add to your room if you want some greenery! This retails for $22.

Marble Organizer Tray

Organizer trays are great because you can put your skincare, foundation, jewelry, toilet tree products, and more. This marble tray retails for $17.

Velvet Pink Blanket

Who doesn’t love a soft blanket? This velvet blanket is an adorable room decor accessory to put on the end of your bed or top of a chair. This blanket retails for $16.

Headband Piece Organizer

Headbands are one of my favorite trends this past year. If you own lots of headbands like me this organizer is great. It holds headbands to easily see and grab to your liking. This product retails for $17.

Fairy Copper String Lights

Fairy lights are one of my favorites because they create this Pinterest and Tumblr effect with its nice warm light. This product also has cute copper strings! I have one of these and use it during special occasions, but it can be used for the room. As in the picture, you can get little clips and hang Polaroid pictures with your friends or family. It retails for $16. Did I mention it is 66ft with 200 LED lights?

Wood Stars Garland Display

This modern wood stars garden display is a great piece for the room. It comes with 25 wooden clips to add Polaroid or any photos. It comes in colors such as gold and silver. The product is 61.5 inches long and 17.7 high. It can also make a cute room dorm decor idea too! It retails for $17.

Vintage Enameled Jewelry Organizer

This beautiful vintage jewelry organizer is shaped to keep your earrings, necklaces, pendants, and more inside. It has a soft velvet on the inside and made with durable alloy metal. This design reminded me of the gorgeous places in Italy or France. It sets off vintage vibes and adorable for the room. It retails for $25.

Vintage White Lantern Candle

This White Lantern Candle is cute to put in the side table and create a centerpiece of your room by other statement decor such as magazines, perfume, etc. It retails for $12.


Plants are great and cute room decor ideas to put anywhere. You can put them on a table, centerpiece, or on wall hanging decor. These retail for $17.

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What are your must have room decor items? Leave them in the comments below!

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