Cute Summer Sandals For Women 2020

Cute Summer Sandals For Women 2020

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Summer doesn’t only remind me of the fun activities associated with it, but the cute clothes, accessories, and shoes! Some of my favorite sandals this season have transitioned from spring trends. For example, the kitten heel. I’ve see neutral-colored tone or a pop of colored heels in runways and on social media. I’ve seen different designers such as Bottega Veneta bringing the different textured sandals. So, I gathered 10 items. These are pretty summer sandals, cute flat sandals, and more! These cute summer sandals will either give you inspiration or ideas on what to wear with your outfits for the Summer.

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Cute Summer Sandals
Cute Summer Sandals For Women

Cute Summer Sandals For Women 2020:

Strappy Sandal

Starting with the cute summer sandals for women, strappy sandals are one of the biggest trends right now. These strappy sandals are so dainty and versatile. It can go with different outfits for many occasions. One way to style it would be with a wrap summer dress with white florals to match the shoes.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are coming back from the 1950s’ and are seen on runways and social media. These are trendy summer sandals that are elegant and thin strap shoes. It is comfortable to walk in. It is the mix between a flat and a heeled shoe.


Loafers are a shoe that matches with different outfits and is an all year round great staple to have in the wardrobe. It is a shoe in your closet that can be used on different occasions. They are cute but comfortable shoes. It can be styled with jeans, button-down white blouse, and some accessories.


Espadrilles give some height to the body but also a comfortable sandal. These are great shoes for the summer because it is classic with its two toned colors, but a great shoe with a small buckle. It is adorable to pair and style with your favorite summer outfit.

Classic Strap Sandals

Classic Strap Sandals are comfortable to walk in and a good shoe to have in the closet. These a classic slide sandal without the strap to easily put on. I believe these sandals would go with different outfits for the summertime which is why it is a great staple to have.

Flat Sandal

Flat sandals with a square toe are seen on social media and runways. They are comfortable but stylish shoes to walk in. You can adjust the ankle strap on these shoes to fit accordingly.

Block Heel Sandal

Block Heel Sandals are an adorable shoe to have. They have a 2 1/2″ chunkier heel so, it is easier and comfortable to walk in.

Open Design Sandals

The flat but open design sandals are a trend I see on social media and the runways. These bring your classic sandal but a more elegant and classic look.

Textured Flat Sandals

I see the quilted sandal and pumps everywhere. This is similar to the Bottega Veneta pumps that are seen on the runway and in stores. It has a thick quilted strap with a square toe front. These are fun to wear with different outfits for the summer and because it’s a neutral color it is versatile.

Slingback Pumps

Iv’e been seeing slingback pumps all over social media and the runways, for example, Dior for this summer season of 2020. These black pumps are great to pair with some jeans and a nice white top for the summer. Also, you can pair it with your favorite all-white look or summer dress.

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