Cute Summer Swimwear For Women

Cute Summer Swimwear

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I’ve recently been following and watching lots of bloggers such as Maggie MacDonald, Lauren Elizabeth, Sierra Furtado, and more. What I have been seeing often is them giving and showing swimwear. I love swimwear and seeing the different patterns and fabrics each year that companies come out with. I enjoy styling my swimwear with different coverups, sandals, and more. So, I to give you guys 5 ideas on the latest trendy styles of cute summer swimwear. Whether that is tanning outside your backyard, hanging out by the pool, or beach.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, so, let’s get into it.

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Cute Summer Swimwear Ideas

Cute Swimsuits:

1. Printed

One of the trends I see this summer season is printed swimsuits. Whether that’s floral, animal print, etc. This green floral swimsuit from Hollister is a super pretty teal color with white flowers.

2. Ribbed / Triangle

Ribbed styled swimsuits are one of my favorite trends this season. They are flattering on the body and bring back the 1980s trend. Triangle swimsuits are in this season too and I’ve been seeing them more often on social media. This one from Hollister is triangle shaped and has a ribbed fabric. You can even pull up the sides of the bathing suit bottom if you wanted to give a long look to the legs.

3. Straight Neckline

Some of the necklines that have been coming across this season are off the shoulder, heart shape, v-neck, and straight neckline. It compliments the collarbone and gives the most flattering neckline. This bikini is very stylish and comfortable on the body.

4. Criss Cross

Criss Cross bathing suits have been coming back into a trend after 2014 and 2015. I’ve been seeing it more recently on social media and in retail stores. For example, one-pieces with the back being criss-cross or triangle swimsuits with tie around the stomach area.

5. One Shoulder

Coming back with the one-shoulder tops, but this time in bathing suit form! One shoulder is a big trend this summer season and super cute. These are flattering complimenting the collarbone. It shows some skin, but not too much depending on your preference.

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Cute Summer Swimwear Ideas For Women

What are your favorite trendy swimsuits this year? Leave them in the comments below!

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