Day To Night Outfit Ideas

Day To Night Outfit Ideas.

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We have been there where it’s last-minute to get together or leaving work and thinking what am I going to wear? Sometimes with what you’re already wearing during the day, changing the top, jackets, adding accessories, and changing the shoes of an outfit makes a big difference. I have put together two day to night outfit tips for your guys that will hopefully give you some inspirations on how to style!

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Outfit #1 : Changing The Top

First, I like to think about when transitioning an outfit is how can I match colors from my closet to the outfit I am already wearing?

  1. For your day outfit pair simple or all solid color pieces together.
  2. For your night time outfit think about what type of vibe you are trying to go for with adding a jacket and changing the top.
  3. Style!
  1. High Waisted Pin Up Pant from Urban Outfitters

High waisted black pants that are fitted and have accessories such as buttons are a great staple piece. This black colored one from Urban Outfitters is cute, trendy high waisted pants, and makes the statement of this look.

2. Mila Long Sleeve Tee from Free People

Pairing the pants with the simple Mila Longsleeve Tee which is a simple white sweater for the day time is not too busy, but has adorable cut-outs on the sleeves. You can tuck this sweater in the pants and poof out the shirt which makes it a relaxed fit.

3. Black Bootie

Adding a bootie to an outfit is a great accessory because not only is it comfortable it is always on-trend. So, this is an item you can definitely wear anytime in the day which is why it is a great transition piece. It is not a tall heel so, it is comfortable to walk in.

4. Raw Edge Tank From Free People

Now, switching for the night time look. These are probably one of my favorites to wear under a jacket when going out. They are comfortable and so flattering. I enjoy the color white because it is so versatile and the color can be paired with different outfits.

5. Easy Rider Jacket from Free People

A simple leather jacket makes a great statement piece to any look to contrast what is worn under.

6. Alana Suede Croc Baguette Bag From Free People

This little trendy bag is perfect for a night out look because it’s not too big or small.

7. Emory Essential Chain Layer Necklace From Urban Outfitters

Chain layered gold necklaces are in trend right now. They are a cute accessory to add to an outfit. This one is adorable because it is not too busy, but the right amount of it to be a statement necklace for a night out.

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Outfit #2: Adding a Blazer

For this next look, I wanted to incorporate adding a blazer to an outfit. However, maybe you already wearing a blazer that day and need to spice it up a little for a night out look. Blazers are a big statement trend in 2020 and can be paired with different outfits!

  1. Classic Ponte-Knit Blazer for Women-Old Navy

A classic blazer is a great statement piece to a look. You can pair it for a day time look and easily transition it to a night out look. This navy blue blazer worn during the day at either your day job or either you are working from home is a great staple piece.

2. Square Neck Bodysuit from Nordstrom

This Reformation bodysuit from Nordstrom is nice. It is flattering with the straight neckline and thin straps. Pair this under the navy blue blazer and it creates a great contrast between the two colors. However, it doesn’t have a clip on the bottom.

3. Riley Seamed Tie Dye Skinny Jeans by Free People, Daybreak

One of the biggest trends right now on social media is tie-dye. These tie-dye skinny jeans are a good staple piece that can be worn in the day time with the blazer and transition to night. These jeans are a super stretch denim and have a two-pocket style.

4. Rori Leather Belt by FP Collection at Free People, Black

Belts are a great accessory to transition to a night time look. A gold buckle leather black belt is a great piece to add on top of the blazer or with the jeans with having the blazer not buttoned up.

5. Steve Madden Loft Kitten Heel from REVOLVE

I recently did a post on 30 spring fashion trends for 2020 that mentioned how kitten heels are one of them. These slip-on kitten heels are the perfect heel for a night out look because it is not too small or big. Transition your sneakers or shoes during the day with small heels for a night out look.

6. Echo Clutch by FP Collection at Free People, Tie Dye, One Size

A crossbody bag is a great accessory for a night out. This specific bag is on sale right now on free people for $39.95. It is a detachable strap so, that you can turn it into a clutch bag. This is a perfect bag for during the day if you are out and about. Then, detach the strap and have a clutch for your great night!

7. Everyday Hoop Earring Set 

One of the jewelry trends that I like and would go great with this outfit is gold hoop earrings. They are so cute and dainty!

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What are your essential wardrobe pieces for a night out look? Leave them in the comments below!

Until then, XO

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