Desk Decorating Ideas For Halloween

Desk Decorating Ideas For Halloween.

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I enjoy decorating for the Halloween season and that includes my office area too. It’s fun to decorate for your office space and it definitely puts me in the spirit. I know some of us are either working from home or working in an office setting. So, I wanted to gather some Halloween decoration ideas or inspiration by taking these pieces and putting them together for your office or home office setting.

Let’s get into it!

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Desk Decorating Ideas For Halloween:

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are great accessories to add to your desk for Halloween or Fall season. This white pumpkin is from Michaels and this is nice to put on top of your desk if you have neutral home decor or wanting a neutral tone decor piece. The orange 3″ 80mm pumpkins are from Amazon and they come in a pack of 12 pieces.

2. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights bring in that warm and cozy vibe for the Fall time and can be used to Halloween decorations too. This is nice to put around your desk surrounding other Halloween decorations. Also, these are from Amazon and are 200 LED lights with 66ft. copper flicker string lights.

3. Halloween Haunted Mansion Art Decor

This Haunted Mansion Wall Art is from Wayfair. It makes a great Halloween desk decoration piece to put on your wall above or to the side of your desk.

4. Table Top Neon Light Up Boo Sign

This yellow Neon Boo sign is from Target with a purple and black backdrop. You can set this on top on your desk to bring in those spooky Halloween festive vibes.

5. Fall Candles

Another cozy Fall accessory, but can make a great statement for Halloween too. These both are Fall candles from Amazon. These can be placed on your desk for some nice scents.

6. Boo Pillow

Pillows are great to add to your desk chair for extra support or just have a small accessory. This Boo pillow is from Wayfair and is adorable. It has a grey and white chevron soft detail. Also, it has black and orange pompoms on the sides.

7. Rose Gold File Organizers

File organizers are always nice and amazing to have for organization. This decoration idea is not technically Halloween, but rose gold and copper are the trending Fall colors. These Amazon organizers, for example, can place magazines, planners, papers, etc.

8. Rose Gold Pencil Holder

Going along with the rose gold color trend, pencil holders are also great to have at your desk. These pencil holders are from Amazon and you can place pencils, markers, sharpies, etc.

9. Directional Halloween Decor

This Directional Halloween decoration sign is from Target and is nice to put on top of your desk. It brings in fun and festive vibes for the season. This sign includes a cute pumpkin on top of the sign too.

10. Halloween Pumpkin Wreath

This adorable pumpkin wreath is from Target. It comes with orange glitters ornaments. In addition, it comes with white and black simple colored ornaments. This wreath has an attached tie rope to put on the wall on top of your desk. This wreath is festive and fun with its seasonal Halloween colors.

11. Cable Knit Pumpkins

These 8 pack mini Cable Knit Pumpkins from Target are great to add spread out on your desk. They come in colors white, brown, orange, and grey.

12. Jack O’ Lantern Prop

This Jack O’ Lantern prop is from Target. This is a nice decoration to have those festive Halloween vibes. This Jack O’ Lantern has a green bow tie and a striped suit.

13. LED Neon Pumpkin Decoration

This Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin yellow and orange Neon sign is from Target. This is great to add on top of your desk for a nice fun display.

14. Halloween Decorative Tree

This Halloween Table Top battery-operated Tree is from Wayfair. This is nice to add on top of your desk from a fun and exciting spooky display. Also, it has black LED lights to add another great effect and bats.

15. Bats & Pumpkin Confetti

The Pumpkin and Bats Confetti are from Amazon. These are nice to add sporadically along your desk surrounding other decorations.

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What was your favorite out of these desk decorating ideas for Halloween? Leave it in the comments below.

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