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Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

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Welcome back to another post! In this post, I wanted to share some items for Mother’s Day that I thought can be great gifts.

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Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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1. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer

If your mom likes to get ready fast and has no time in the morning to do her hair this product is great and it is a nice gift for Mother’s Day. It gives a nice blowout look. I am going to purchase this for my mom this year because she doesn’t like to spend to much time in the mornings for her hair and this is perfect. It provides volume for the hair and allows the person to control the direction they want it to go. I’ve saw many bloggers and influencers use and talk about this product. It is known to be the #1 best seller group on Amazon. It is priced at $56.99 which is a little bit pricey, but from the reviews, I have seen I am pretty sure it’s worth it!

2. Straightener

As going forward with the hair styling tools, the other Mothers Day gift I would recommend is a hair straightener. One of my favorite brands of hair styling tools in Conair or Hot Tools. This makes a great gift! It is Amazon’s Choice of Straighteners and prices at $17.

3. Curling Iron

Along with the Straightener gift, I thought a great gift idea if she already has a straightener would be a curling iron. Amazon’s choice of curling irons is Conair. It is a 1-inch curling iron so, big loose waves can be created with this depending on how big the curls.

4. Manicure & Pedicure Gift Card

Once places open up again, treat her to maybe that Manicure & Pedicure place she goes too. She can have a pamper day at the salon!

5. Spa Gift Card

Treat her to a facial, massage, and lunch at the Spa for a day!

6. At Home Spa Basket

Instead of going to the Spa, this can make a great gift. Spa night is probably one of the best nights to just pamper! Vanilla is a perfect scent and one of my favorites. It just smells so good and it makes you feel relaxed. This Amazon Choice Spa Basket includes shower gel, body lotion, and a bath puff. It is priced at $30.

7. Gift Card to Her Favorite Clothing or Makeup Store

All of us enjoy shopping! If she has her favorite store that she consistently shops at or has brands of makeup that she is loyal to a gift card or an e gift card is a great gift. She can shop online and choose her favorites.

8. Sweets

This is something that you could never go wrong with. Her favorite chocolates, cookies, cakes, pastries, and more on Mother’s Day. With maybe some wine and flowers on the side. Everyone loves sweets and something we can’t get enough of!

9. Making Her Favorite Breakfast or Dinner

A sweet thing to do on Mother’s Day is that instead of her cooking you can surprise or cook her favorite breakfast or dinner. You can make her breakfast in bed, make her a menu and she can choose, or she can request. The same thing goes for dinner too!

10. Photo Collage

This idea is really adorable for Mother’s Day. You can put either picture of you and your mom, family, or if you have siblings. This is a sweet and thoughtful gift that she can hang in her room or in the house.

11. Candles

Candles are a great gift idea because it is an adorable accessory to put in the place. I love candles because not only do I enjoy my place smelling nice, but it gives this homey and relaxed vibe. These Eco Friendly and soy candles have a modern look to them. It is priced at $14.99.

12. Mini Maker Griddle & Baking Tins

If your mom loves to bake or be in the kitchen this small griddle is a cute gift to get. It makes small-sized pancakes, cookies, grilled cheese, eggs, snacks, and more. It is made by the company Dash and it retails for $22 on Amazon. Also, I found an adorable pink-colored oven pan. You can bake a lasagna, chicken, potatoes, etc. Other adorable small baking dishes are retailed for $20.99. They are these cute cups that small cakes can be baked, souffle, soup, small appetizers, nuts, creme brulee, etc.

13. Apron, Oven Mitts, & Baking Tins

So, if she loves to cook another gift is to get an apron, oven mitts, and baking tins. This adorable cotton floral apron with nice pocket and ties! It retails for $15.99. Along with the apron, these good quality quilted oven mitt & pot holder are a great pair with the white color matching the apron. They are Amazon Choice product and retailed for $19.99.

14. Mug & Favorite Coffee Blend

Coffee is one of my favorite things to have especially in the morning. If your mom loves coffee or drinks it every morning this is a good gift! It is retailed for $25.99. If you want coffee suggestions, my favorite coffee blend is the Pike from Starbucks.

15. Pajamas

Everyone loves pajamas! These nice pajamas are comfortable from being a cotton material. They are priced at $35.99 for the set.

16. Gift Card To Her Favorite Restaurant

A gift card to her favorite restaurant that she can treat her self out to!

17. Gift Card To Her Favorite Movie Theater

A gift card to her favorite movie theater to watch a movie, get popcorn, candy, and a soda!

18. Ugg Slippers

Ugg Slippers have been a trendy item that looks so comfortable. Uggs keep your feet warm and feel so soft inside. These are great to use around the house. They retail for $84.95.

19. Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are a product that is consistently needed. I love Morphe makeup brushes. They are so soft, good quality, and blend nicely. This Vacay Mode Brush Set is similar to the one that I have. It is retailed for $42.

20. Wind-chime & Bird Feeder

For an outdoors Mother’s Day gift, I thought an adorable gift would be a wind chime and a bird feeder. Wind chimes are great if they have a garden or a backyard that it be hung outside. This Epartswide Wind Chime is a beautiful golden color priced at $25.59. The Bird feeder is a cute gift to watch the birds come by and eat outside. It is retailed for $22.

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What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day gifts you have bought previous years? Leave them in the comments below!

Until then, XO

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