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Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2020

Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2020.

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The fall season is coming up and one of the holidays associated is Halloween! Even though Halloween might not be as normal this year, decorating is still enjoyable. I enjoy decorating around Halloween time and going to the different retail stores to see what new items they brought in. Decorating and shopping for Halloween time puts me in the spirit and is fun. I noticed when scrolling through the different retail websites to find inspiration or ideas for you guys half of the pre-sale was already sold out. So, I guess that means people are planning early this year! These are outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations! Let me know if there are any other related Halloween posts you want to see and I hope this post gives you ideas for Halloween home decor.

Let’s get into it!

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Halloween Home Decoration Ideas 2020
Halloween Home Decoration Ideas 2020

Halloween Home Decor Ideas:

1. Pre-Lit Glitter Branches With Bats

This Pre-Lit Branches With Bats comes with four glitter branches and light-colored LED lights. This can be placed in a vase or pot to add the finishing touch!

2. Carved Pumpkin & Spooky Eyes Glowing Doormat

I enjoy adding a festive door mat! These both are adorable and fun Halloween festive mats.

3. Bats 20″ x 80″ Mantle Scarf

This is a great decorative piece to add on top of a mantle or bookshelf! You can add different Halloween pieces on top of the scarf to give it that spooky look.

4. 9″ Animated Light Up Moving Eyes Jack O’ Lantern

This 9″ Animated Light Up Moving Eyes Jack O’ Lantern is so adorable! All the Target decorations are selling out pretty fast. You can easily place this indoors or outdoors. It requires a AAA battery for it to work but it gives such a fun effect for Halloween day.

5. “I’ll Be Back” Light Up Tombstone

Every time I hear the phrase ” I’ll Be Back” it reminds me of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride. Anyway, this a light-up decorative indoor or outdoor piece. You can use this anywhere in your home for the Halloween season.

6. 14″ Glittered Boo Decoration

This Glittered Boo Halloween Decoration is from Target! This can be festive to add on top of a mantle or bookshelf. It can even be a great fun addition to any part of your home.

7. 4pack Small Spiders

These 4pack Small Spiders from Target are great to put on top of a table for a small accessory around other decorative pieces.

8. 55″ x 47″ Halloween & Stars Tablecloth

This Halloween Table Cover is from Target and it is a 55″ x 47″ table cloth. This is great to add to a table to be more festive.

9. Halloween Pillows

The first set of Halloween pillow covers are a pack of 4 and are from Amazon. These are great to switch up the current pillows to festive ones. The second pillow is a dog inspired festive pillow for all of us dog owners and fans. I thought this was adorable because the dogs are dressed up for the festive season.

10. Pumpkin Express Train

The Pumpkin Express Train is from Amazon and retails for $34. I thought this is a different and unique decorative piece. This can be a great decorative piece on a tabletop, mantle, and more. It makes an awesome indoor or outdoor piece.

11. Jack O’ Lantern Lights

These 3D Jack O’ Lantern lights are a cute indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration. These are 20 LED Pumpkin Halloween string lights priced for $14.

12. Halloween Wall Decor

The Halloween wall decoration can be placed indoors or outdoors. These are both wood wall signs from Amazon! One says Trick or Treat with an adorable pumpkin and the other says Happy Halloween with spiders.

13. 20″ Animated Halloween Ferris Wheel

The 20″ Animated Halloween Ferris Wheel is from Target. This can be a great decorative piece anywhere in your home. You can dispense candy from this decorative piece too.

14. Cable Knit Pumpkin

Cable Knit fabric reminds me of the fall time so, when I saw this on Target I thought it is so adorable. This can be a great indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration.

15. Waffle Weave Candy Corn Hand Towel

One way to spice up the kitchen for Halloween is by adding decorative towels. I heard from watching other influencers on YouTube that candy corn is a big trend for Halloween 2020 season. This is an adorable 18″ x 27″ waffle style embroidered cotton kitchen towel with candy corns.

16. Standing Jack O’ Lantern

This standing jack o’ lantern decorative piece is from Target. It is 37″ tall and 7″ wide. This is a friendly and adorable decor for indoor or outdoor of your home.

17. 48″ Hanging Ghost

Similar to the pumpkin decorative piece is this 48″ Hanging Ghost from Target. There is an attached twine loop that drops down 4″. It has a green and black spider web and an adorable bow tie.

18. 15″ Light Up Jack O’ Lantern

These are great to put at the front porch for a Halloween decoration and are from Michaels. You can place it on top of a stool to make it higher in front of your porch too!

19. Halloween 8″ Decoration

This 8″ Halloween book decoration is great to add to any tabletop or mantle in your home. It gives such a spooky and fun seasonal vibe.

20. Halloween Bowl

Halloween bowls are great to put food in, but also to pass out candy! This Halloween bowl is from Michaels and is 11″ x 4.2″.

21. Haunted Houses

These small haunted house decorative props I have been seeing all over different retail stores and websites. The black and white glittered haunted house is from Target and can be great to be placed on a tabletop or mantle. The black and purple glittered haunted house is also from Target. Both houses have a light that glows through the windows. Lastly, the grey and orange haunted house is from Michaels and can be styled with other festive decorative decors such as small pumpkins, festive confetti, and more.

22. Outdoor Halloween Sign Decorations

These signs are both from Amazon and cool signs to put in front of your door for the festive spirit. The Halloween & Trick or Treat banner are 70 x12″ and the Trick or Treat and Hocus Pocus Banner is 13″ x 71″. Both have Halloween inspired captions on them.

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What was your favorite out of the Halloween Home Decor Ideas? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Jessica Collazo says:

    These are such cute Halloween decor ideas my favorite was the crochet pumpkin it is so cozy and cute

  2. Anna Bruder says:

    Such cute ideas- I love the pre-lit branches with the bats.

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