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My Must Have Self Care Products

My Must Have Self Care Products.

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Having a self-care day, morning, or night routine is a significant part of our lives because who doesn’t like to treat themselves? I like to set aside some time to have a relaxing self-care day just to have a chill day and pamper myself. There are products and things I enjoy doing and make me feel good so, I wanted to share some in this post.

My Must Have Self Care Products
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Candles set the tone, put me in a relaxing mood, and overall just smell good. I enjoy putting candles around the house, when I’m writing, or when taking a shower/bath. My favorite candles are the ones from Trader Joes or Sprouts grocery market.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is known to have multiple benefits. I enjoy using the Lavender Epsom Salt when I am taking a bath. It makes my skin feel smooth and the lavender scent makes me feel relaxed. I really enjoy the Dr. Teals brand which you can get on Amazon here.

Essential Oils

One of my other favorite things to do is put my humidifier on or drop essential oils before my shower with Lavender. It helps me feel relaxed and it smells good. I like to use this oil before I sleep because it definitely helps me sleep better. You can get this essential oil here.

At Home Hair Mask

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is one of my favorite hair and skin products. I discovered this oil when researching how I can keep my hair from being dry. Then, I leave this either on the roots of hair or at the bottom. I leave it in for about 15-30min and wash it out using my normal hair routine. It leaves my hair feeling moisturized and soft.

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Castor Oil

Castor Oil is mainly used for dry skin and for growing your hair or anything on your skin. I use castor oil for my eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, and my skin. Castor Oil has a thick consistency so it’s a little bit tricky to handle. I use a small amount and add more if I needed to. For my hair, I use a small amount because I found that it is hard to wash out. However, for my skin, it leaves it dewy looking and less dry. I grew my eyelashes with castor oil a couple of years back and since then they have stayed long. I enjoy this brand Home Health which you can purchase here.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil on your hair as a mask leaves it feeling soft, shiny, and grows your hair. I leave coconut oil on my hair before I shower for about 15-20 min and use a small amount because if it isn’t washed out completely it can leave your hair oily. Along with using it as a hair mask, it has other great uses too! I use it for my hands, skin, and for cooking. My favorite coconut oil is from Kopari Beauty because it comes in travel size and the regular size.

Favorite Body Wash

I enjoy using my favorite body wash product when I know I am having self care pamper day. I enjoy using fresh scents and coconut. My favorite body wash has to be the Live Clean Coconut Milk body wash. It smells so good and leaves your skin feeling super soft. The scent just reminds me of being at the beach or vacation relaxing.

iPhone for Podcast or Relaxing Music

I enjoy having my iPhone when I have a self-care day because I either listen to podcasts or music. I have a post on my favorite podcasts here. Listening to someone else talk puts me in a more productive and motivated mood. There are multiple podcasts out there for different genres. My other favorite thing to do is to listen to jazz music or the coffee shop vibes playlist on Spotify.

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I am not a huge skincare gal, but I do love to use more natural products if I need a little bit of skincare. I enjoy using the Kopari Lip Glossy which just leaves the lips feeling so hydrated and dewy. As I said previously, the Kopari Coconut Oil is another one of my favorites to moisturize my face or skin after a nice bath or shower! Another one of my favorites that I have been loving recently is the Giovanni D-Tox Replenishing Facial Moisturizer. I use a tiny bit of this and massage it into my face after the shower. It makes my skin feel so smooth and dewy. You can purchase the D-tox Replenishing Moistrizer by Giovani here.


My favorite face-mask of all time is the Glossier Greens Galaxy Mask. I have mentioned this in my Glossier post here. It such an all-around great product. I leaves my skin soft, decreases my redness, moisturized, and gentle. It has antioxidants and leafy greens in the face mask. You can purchase the Glossier Greens Galaxy Mask here.

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Favorite Movie or TV Show

Watching my favorite movie or TV show always makes me feel relaxed. Some of my favorite movies are Devil Wears Prada, Parent Trap, and The Intern. My favorite TV shows are Gossip Girl, The Bold Type, & of course Friends.

Comfort Food

Food is always essential when having a self-care routine day. Having your favorite food of whatever you are craving that day is a great way to end off your routine. Oh, and don’t forget about dessert!


When snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite TV show or movie you need a comfortable blanket right? I found this really cute pink flannel blanket on Amazon.

Favorite Tea

I enjoy having a nice cup of tea at the end of the night. It makes me feel good. My favorite tea is mixing raw ginger and fennel in some hot water together. Another tea I enjoy is the Puka tea with ginger, cardamon, and fennel.

Nail Polish

I also sometimes like to do my at-home manicure and pedicure. I enjoy using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. The manicure doesn’t chip easily and looks like you just got it done at the salon. I enjoy the pink colors of this collection!

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What are your favorite self care products? Leave them in the comments below!

Until then, XO

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