Recreating Princess Diana Outfits

Recreating Princess Diana Outfits.

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*All Credit Given To Photographers of Princess Diana Photos”.

Recreating Princess Diana Outfits

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Style icon, Princess Diana of Wales had amazing and timeless outfits. Her outfits were always styled chic, street wear inspired, and classic. Diana’s style is still be recreated today and taken inspiration from. I enjoy viewing and taking inspiration from her outfits and incorporating it into my own style. So, I wanted to recreate four of Princess Dianas outfits to either give you some ideas or inspiration. You can see each outfit when you click on the highlighted Outfit #1, Outfit #2, Outfit #3, and Outfit #4.

I hope you enjoy this post and lets get into it!

Outfit #1

Princess Diana consistently wore cycling shorts with an oversized crew neck, long socks, and chunky sneakers. I grabbed inspiration from this photo. The turtle shell inspired sunglasses I noticed were always an accessory she wore.

Recreating Princess Diana Outfits

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Outfit #2

In this outfit Princess Diana is seen wearing a casual look with white trousers. She paired it with a green blazer and a white turtle neck underneath. The belt was a brown crocodile print that tied it all together. Her loafers were a brown and white color. I found a similar white and grey pair with brown under the shoe. The bag was the trickiest to find because hers was unique. I found three separate bags at different price points with similar colors to bring the look together. She wore her classic turtle inspired sunglasses and gold circle stud earrings.

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Outfit #3

In this photo, Princess Diana is seen wearing a white tank Versace dress. I found a similar one from Urban Outfitters and Everlane. She paired it with some white cross strapped heels, dangle pearl earrings, and a white clutch.

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Outfit #4

In this outfit, Princess Diana photographed in August 1997, is seen black pumps, dark denim jeans, a light blue button down blouse, belt, and gold circle stud earrings. I recreated this look by finding similar items to match.

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What is your favorite Recreating Princess Diana outfit? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Love this ideas!
    I think they’re a great example of the classy/timeless looks of Diana.

    1. marvelouscouture says:

      Aw, thank you so much!

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