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Recreating Rachel Green Outfit Season 1

Recreating Rachel Green Outfit Season 1.

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Hello! Welcome back to a new post. This post is inspired by my favorite TV show Friends. I’ve been watching Friends for long as I can remember. I decided to start a series of recreating characters from TV shows. Let me know what you guys think of this series.

So, I was watching Season 1 Episode 15 the other night and notice that Rachel Green was wearing this beautiful, but a simplistic outfit that caught my eye. She is one of the fashion icons on the shows. I wanted to see how I can recreate one of her outfits to learn how to dress like Rachel Green. Her outfit was a shift black dress, sheer tights, and a white blouse underneath.

I love all the outfits that she wears as the character on the show. She follows most of the big trends of the 90s’ such as hair clips, denim, turtle necks, knee-high socks, overalls, shift dresses, white sneakers, etc.

Recreating Rachel Green Outfit Season 1
Friends Rachel Green Recreating Season 1 Outfit

Her style is minimal, simple, but stylish. I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know what character you want to see next!

So, let’s get into it.

Recreating Rachel Green Outfit:

Shop Rachel Green Outfit Inspiration:

The black shift dress was one of the pieces Rachel was wearing in her outfit. The dress had buttons down the middle with spaghetti straps. Also, I found a couple of other dress options from Aritzia and Zara. Underneath the dress, she has a white button-up shirt that is buttoned to the top. Her hair was in a half up half down hairstyle with a clip. She wore some sheer tights to pair with the dress which is a cute touch. Lastly, It didn’t show the shoes that much in the episode of what she was wearing, but I thought white sneakers would be adorable with this outfit to tie in with the white blouse.

What is youre favorite Friends episode or episodes and why? Leave them in the comments below!

Until then, XO

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