Top 5 Luxury Perfumes For Her

Top 5 Luxury Perfumes For Her.

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Over the past years, I have explored and tried different types of perfumes. When I go into a store I enjoy smelling the different scents and what there is to offer. I came across 5 of my top favorite scents that I use on an everyday basis. These are some of my recommendations best luxury perfumes for her. I wanted to share this with you guys to either give you some ideas or to try something new!

So, let’s get into it.

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Top 5 Luxury Perfumes For Women
Best Luxury Perfumes For Her

Top 5 Luxury Perfumes:

1. Si Perfume By Giorgio Armani

The scent of this perfume is a blackcurrant nectar that complements a floral scent. This is one of my favorites because it smells light, classy, sweet, and fresh. Whenever I do wear this perfume I get lots of compliments on it and it lasts all day. The packaging of this product is this beautiful glass bottle with a black curved top. It has the name of the perfume in the middle with the logo at the bottom.

2. Black Opium By Yves Saint Laurent

The scent of this perfume is warm, sweet, but fresh. It has a hint of vanilla to it which I enjoy. The packaging of this bottle is beautiful with its black glitter and round clear peach color circle symbolizing the product’s name. The top of the bottle has the designer logo on it too.

3. Replica “Beachwalk” By Maison Margiela

This is my favorite summer, but an all-around great fresh scent to use all year. This reminds me of going on vacation and sitting by the pool. It smells like fresh floral and coconut. The packaging of this product is clean and reminds me of a coastal-inspired product.

4. Gabrielle Chanel By Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel is a perfume I’ve been using for about two years now. It’s a great perfume. It smells like a muskier fresh floral scent. The packaging of the product is classy with its glass bottle and a gold interior. The logo is in the middle of the product creating a beautiful symbolization of it. This product goes a long way and lasts all day. All you need is one or two sprays.

5. J’adore by Christian Dior

J’adore by Christian Dior is more of a fruity, but still a fresh floral scent. I love this if I am not going for something too overpowering. It only needs one to two sprays and lasts all day. The packaging is luxurious with its oval glass bottle and gold top.

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What is your favorite go-to luxury perfume and why? Leave it in the comments below!

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