Trend Alert: 10 Women’s Winter Classy Fashion Trends of 2019

Trend Alert: 10 Women’s Winter Classy Fashion Trends of 2019.

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Trend Alert:

1. Puffer Coat

Puffer Coats are definitely in this trend alert for this season. This fashion season it is seen by the most popular celebrities such as Ariana Grande or Hailey Bieber. They have been seen styled with layering pieces on top. I would personally style it with a basic t-shirt under` a black, white, or grey color. On top, I would add a scarf either a flannel design or a basic color. The perfect puffer coat will keep you classy, trendy, and warm this winter season. One of my favorite coats I have seen this season are a matte tan puffer coat from Alo Yoga which is currently on sale.

2. Trench Coat

The trench coat is a great staple to have in your wardrobe. Over the years, it’s a trend over the winter season and still is today. The trench coat is a light weight jacket that keeps you warm throughout the winter season and can be paired with any day or night outfit to give it that classy style. Some of my favorites this season are Tan French Coat. Personally, I wear my trench coats with a hooded sweatshirt that is a plain color underneath. For example, if my trench coat is black I would pair a grey hoodie.

3. Beanies

Beanies are still one of the most trendiest items in the winter season. They keep you warm, but are super cute to pair with any day or night outfit. There are different style of beanies. Some of them are pom-pom, slouchy, knit, and more. One of my favorite beanie of this season is an Oversized Pom Pom Beanie from Tilly’s.

4. Headbands

Headbands are personally one of my favorite fashion trends this season. I style mostly every outfit with a headband. They are such a great accessory to add to any outfit. Some of my favorites are a Pearl Headband, and Braided Headband.

5. Scarf

Over the years, scarf’s have been a trend and still are today. Recently, I have seen them more on social media, for example, Instagram. It can keep you warm and can be worn with a day time or night outfit. Some of favorites are this one here: Knit Scarves and Infinity Scarves.

6. Boots

Boots are a staple when it comes to winter trends. It keeps our feet warm, but give us a classy look with either a day or night outfit. The boots I have been seeing this season are the Classic Chelsea black boots, boots with gold or silver details, printed boots, doc martins, over the knee boots, and more.

7. Layering

This is a fashion trend I have been personally been following for years. I have been seeing it on runways and social media. For example, you can layer a coat with either a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath. To finish the outfit a scarf can be added on top.

8. Tights

Tights are a great accessory to add to an outfit and are a fashion trend this winter season. The top trends for tights for this season are polka dot, sheer, and black tights.

9. Skirts

Skirts are and can be light weight and comfortable. It either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the skirt. Some of my favorite skirts are these ones here: Plaid Grey Skirt from Ambercrombie, Cream Skirt from ASOS, ASOS Black Leather Skirt, and Black Leather Skirt from Abercrombie.

10. Dress Pants

Lastly, dress pants are seen throughout the winter season. It can either be paired with a basic top, bodysuit, or a blouse. It can easily make the outfit more dressed up and classic. The most dress pants are seen this season are wool pants and wide-leg pants.

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