Trending Fall Nail Colors 2020

Trending Fall Nail Colors 2020.

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Every time the Fall season comes around it reminds me of the Halloween movies, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cozy sweaters, rain, leaves, and the fall colors! Fall nail colors have been a big trend each season with the different colors to compliment outfits. This post is about the trending Fall nail colors of 2020 to hopefully give you some ideas or inspire you.

Let’s get into it!

Trending Fall Nail Colors 2020
Trending Fall Nail Colors 2020

1. Berry Red

This beautiful wine red color called “Berry Naughty” from Essie. These reds are a nice in-between from a dark and bright red.

2. Dark Red

This classic and elegant dark red color is called “Wicked” from Essie. This color is a deep and dark red.

3. Bright Red

This beautiful bright red shade is called “Big Apple”. Bright reds are great for the Fall and holiday season. This color makes a nice statement with any seasonal outfit for the Autumn.

4. Metallics

Metallics are constantly on trend each holiday season whether that is bronze, champagne, silver metallic, and more. The Sally Hansen Extreme Wear is called “Golden” and the Sally Hansen Insta Dry is called “Silver Stallion”.

5. Blue

This stunning blue shade is called OPI Shade “Less is More” & Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nails called “Midnight Drive”. Blue shades are one of the trending fall nail colors of this season. The midnight blues are appearing with different outfits for the autumn season.

6. Green

This stunning Green Nail Color is called “Malibu”. Teal and dark greens are becoming a Fall Nail trend of the season with its elegant cool color to match autumn fashion wear.

7. Light Pink

Light pinks are a timeless color, transitional color, and always on-trend. These light pinks can be versatile with different outfits for the Fall season. This color is from Essie called “Ballet Slippers”.

8. Mauve

Mauve Pinks are a beautiful color for the Autumn season. They are great transitional shades from Summer to Fall season.

9. Purple

This elegant purple OPI shade is called “Good Girls Gone Plaid”. This beautiful color can be worn with numerous outfits such as your favorite jacket, trench coat, blazer, booties, and more.

10. Neutrals

Neutral tone colored nail polishes are trending year-round. These light shades are great for pairing with multiple outfits and give a classic look.

11. Silver

Silver is a beautiful trending color of the Fall season with its holiday vibes. Silver will give a bold statement to your fashion wardrobe outfits for Autumn. It is a cooler toned color that will tie into all the Fall colors.

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What are your favorite trending Fall nail colors of the season? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Essie is my go-to! Love ballet slippers and tuck it in my tux

  2. Wonderful colors! Thanks for sharing.

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