Trendy Summer Dresses 2020

Trendy Summer Dresses 2020

Trendy Summer Dresses 2020

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Summer dresses are one of my favorite clothing pieces. The colors are light and fun. Summer dresses remind me of going to a friend’s house, brunch, or a gathering with some people besides the circumstances going on right now. I wanted to gather some of my favorite trends this Summer but in dresses. I hope you enjoy this post and hopefully give you some ideas or inspiration.

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Trendy Summer Dresses 2020

Trendy Summer Dresses:

Mini Dresses

One of the trendy summer dresses are these mini dresses and are great for any occasion. I have seen all types of fabric and styling with these dresses on social media. I love the color white for the summer because it’s a cool-toned color. It is also easy to pair with neutral colored accessories.

Ruched Dresses

I have seen this exact dress from different Instagram bloggers. The ruched style gives a flattering look to the body. It makes the dress fun and cute to wear to any occasion. You can dress it down with some sneakers or dress it up with some heels.

Denim Dresses

Bringing back the 90s’ the denim dresses and rompers are everywhere. They are adorable and can be styled with gold jewelry and your favorite sneakers.

Floral Wrap Dresses

Floral wrap dresses and animal print dresses have been a huge summer trend. The wrap extenuates the waist of the body giving it a flattering look. This dress is a beautiful white floral pattern. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Smocked Dresses

Another type of fabric that I see mostly is smock styled tops, shorts, swimwear, and especially dresses. These hug the body but are flattering. I enjoy these types of dresses when I am going to the beach or pool. Also, after a nice day at the beach or pool with a nice tan.

Summer Day Dresses

Summer day dresses, especially white, are cute occasion dresses that can be worn to any event. I love the crochet detail on this dress with the thin straps and buttons down in the front.

Puff Sleeve Dresses

Puff Sleeve is a big trend this Summer. Seeing on the runway with some of the most famous designers, for example, Fendi. The puff sleeves add a little bit of something to the dress. Such as an elegant hourglass shoulder look. It’s a cute and girly. Different styles of puff sleeves can be ruched and sheer.

One Shoulder Dresses

As I mentioned in my Summer trends post, one shoulder is a popular trend. I love the look of this dress it reminds me of the 1920s’. The one shoulder of the trends brings back the 2000s’. This light green is so beautiful to wear to any occasion. It reminds me of either going to a summer party or sitting by the lake and having a picnic. Also, a beautiful day to go shopping in would make the dress a great place to wear to.

Little Black Dresses

Made by the iconic designer in the 1920s’, Coco Chanel, little black dresses are always a good staple to have in your closet. I’ve been seeing more of the bodycon fabric dresses on social media and the runway. These can be transitioned into dressing it up or down. These types of dresses are so elegant, versatile, modern.

Day Dresses

Bringing back the 1920s’ day dresses are great for lounging around the house, casual get togethers, and more. This color of this dress is bright and a mustard yellow. This dress is a comfy dress to wear on a sunny day!

What are your favorite trendy Summer dresses this season? Leave them in the comments below!

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